The Business

Thameside Fire Stopping is a family owned business that began in the late 20th Century. The business has since grown to become one of the largest leading fire protection companies in the United Kingdom. Providing a range of passive fire protection services such as on-site fire protection surveys and fire door installation, Thameside Fire Stopping have continued to expand at a rapid rate!

The Challenge

As they were carrying out various fire protection services for different organisations, TFS were subject to invoice payment terms of 60 days.

“When I joined the company I could see the potential for the company to grow. We were in a small office and needed to find something larger, this meant higher rents and relocation costs.” Jess Dines – Thameside Fire Stopping”

For the business to meet the high demands of rapid growth, TFS started to look for a flexible funding solutions that was suitable for their requirements, enabling them to unlock the funds that had been tied up in existing invoices, as and when they needed.

The Solution

Thameside Fire Stopping knew that traditional factoring was not the route they wanted to go down. They heard about GapCap as a suitable alternative financier that provided flexible facilities and specialized in growing companies. They became more aware of the growing attention that was being made to alternative methods of finance and realised this was the option for them.

“I had been told to be aware of hidden charges with factoring companies and also of being tied into a contract that is hard to exit. GapCap have proved this to be totally wrong.”

By using GapCap, Thameside Fire Stopping have been able to grow and fulfil the company’s potential!

“Without GapCap being there to release our cashflow, the company would not be where it is now.”