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Receive 98% of invoice value within 24 hours of invoice approval.
One off opt in for early payment, a simple e-signature from a director.
How Does It Work?
Step One
Suppliers raise service receipts
Step Two

Service Receipts Approved

Step Three

Self bill invoice generated automatically 

Step Four
GapCap pay 98% of the invoice within 24 hours
The Benefits


No contractual obligations. Opt in and out as you please.


No conflict with other financing arrangements.


Simple e-signature confirmation

No Security

No personal or corporate security is required.

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Supplier Finance
How do I sign up?
Simply e-sign the Supplier Finance Agreement.
What happens after I have e-signed?
You will receive a validation email from Signable, click the link in the email. The process is then complete.
Do I have to request early payment each time?
No – once you have opted in, you will receive early payment on all invoices into the requested Council.
Is there a deadline for when I have to opt in by?
No – you can sign up to receive early payment at any
Is there lots of paperwork?
To opt in for early payment, you simply have to e-sign the Supplier Finance Agreement and validate your email.
Do I have to change the way I manage my invoicing process?
No – once you have opted in, follow your usual process.
How soon do I receive the funds?
Once opted in, you will receive funds within 24 hours of your self bill invoice being generated.
Can I change my mind?
Yes – you are able to return to the normal payment terms at any time. Simply send a request to opt out to:
Do I have to pay VAT on the 2% discount fee?
More questions?
Either email or call the Supplier Finance team on 0203 800 0756