Well & Truly

How GapCap helped Well & Truly smooth their working capital

What Do Well & Truly Do?

Well and Truly was founded by sisters-in-law Maria and Sara Trechman who have developed a snack product that aims to challenge the notion that flavour had to be sacrificed for health.


With stockists including Tesco, Ocado and Wholefoods and an astonishing 600% growth forecasted year on year, the demand in the UK and overseas has been phenomenal. However, with such rapid growth and lengthy credit terms, cashflow concerns became impossible to avoid.

GapCap’s Solution

GapCap were able to release the cash tied up in their outstanding invoices, allowing Sara and Maria to continue to meet their growing demand. Well & Truly are now a well established player in the healthy snack market with much more to come!

GapCap are very professional, fast to turn on, flexible and great at supporting a growing start up business.

Sara Trechman, Co-Founder

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