The Primal Pantry

How GapCap helped the Primal Pantry with their initial major orders.

What Do The Primal Pantry Do?

The Primal Pantry was launched in February 2014 by Maidenhead-based nutritionist Suzie Walker as a response to the lack of on-the-go snacks that complimented a clean-living lifestyle.


Although the supermarket payment terms are up to 60 days, the truth is that it is often much longer. Despite having only traded for 24 months, The Primal Pantry had attracted the attention of both Waitrose and Tesco and the substantial orders were placing a major strain on the company’s cashflow.

GapCap’s Solution

The Primal Pantry sought GapCap’s assistance to free up cash as their supermarket orders began to ramp up. GapCap were able to unlock the capital tied up in order to meet their future orders as their popularity grew. With GapCap’s help, The Primal Pantry have gone from strength to strength, now a household brand across the UK and available in every continent across the globe.

It’s a no brainer – something that every start-up should be looking into.

Suzie Walker, Founder

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