How GapCap helped Middleton Murray access more funding than they previously had access to. 

What Do MiddletonMurray Do?

MiddletonMurray is focussed on placing young people into their first jobs, providing apprenticeships among other courses of that nature. MiddletonMurray started off as a recruitment company but Chairman Angela Middleton, recognised a gap in the education sector whereby training and workshops were a great way of giving young people who did not attend university, a greater opportunity of getting into higher-level jobs. 



Over a period of 18 years, Angela Middleton has grown the company considerably. Exciting investment opportunities came up for MiddletonMurray and to help with maintaining a quality service, MiddletonMurray came to GapCap. 

GapCap’s Solution

GapCap are able to support MiddletonMurray in their continuous growth, by filling in the gap made from large invoices, so that MiddletonMurray can take up opportunities in the market without restriction of cashflow issues.  

In being able to take on these opportunities with the help of GapCap’s flexible funding, Angela Middleton has grown MiddletonMurray into the largest provider of apprenticeships and trainee apprenticeships in the country, placing almost 700 employers around the country. 

They not only understand what it's like to run a small business but they also know the sector.

Angela Middleton, Chairman

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