Love Cocoa

How GapCap’s Selective Invoice Finance product enabled Love Cocoa to continue recreating the principle of the ethical company Cadbury was originally built on. 

What Do Love Cocoa Do?

Love Cocoa was launched by James Cadbury in 2016. The chocolate was inspired by James’ great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury, who setup Cadbury chocolate almost 200 years ago. 


Love Cocoa has unsurprisingly, experienced an extraordinary growth rate since inception. With large orders taken from big retailers, they were battling with managing high demand and keeping up their working capital and maintaining a healthy cashflow. 

 GapCap’s Solution

GapCap’s Selective Invoice Finance facility has allowed Love Cocoa to continue to grow with no financial complications or restrictions. They are now able to continue stocking in big retailers without concerning long payment terms of up to 90 days. With the finance taken care of, James Cadbury can continue to focus on recreating the ethical company Cadbury was originally built on.

GapCap has been really helpful in helping us to grow, unlocking the cash for our largest orders.

James Cadbury, Founder

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