Dash Water

How GapCap helped Dash Water with their extraordinary growth.

What Do Dash Water Do?

Dash Water was launched by two friends, Alex and Jack. From farming backgrounds and an expertise in mainstream fizzy drinks, the pair discovered a gap in the market whereby unwanted produce was being wasted daily in farms up and down and the country. Therein lies the founding of Dash, made from British spring water and wonky fruit and veg. – a 100% natural and sustainable refreshment.


Dash’s stockists had grown quickly, from Boots and Ocado to Soho House and Whole Foods. They were in a position of high demand and as exciting as this was at their early stages, such growth comes with many challenges. Great expansion and cashflow problems often come hand in hand, and Dash were suddenly staring down the barrel of 90 day terms from the major supermarkets.

GapCap’s Solution

GapCap was able to support Dash in unlocking the cash tied up in their invoices. Rather than waiting for payments to come in from various retailers in often prolonged stretches, Dash were now in control of their working capital with the option of drawing down early on many of their invoices.

With the cashflow headache taken care of, Alex and Jack are now free to focus on building the brand without the stress and burden of lengthy payment terms!

GapCap make managing cash flow easy, it’s a great service.

Alex Wright, Co-Founder

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