Arctic Power Berries

How GapCap helped Arctic Power with their Waitrose orders.

What Do Arctic Power Berries Do?

Arctic Power Berries was launched by childhood friends, Anna and Eve, in 2015. Arctic Power Berries bring the great taste and health benefits of powdered wild berries form their native Finland to the UK as an alternative to fresh berries.


Arctic Power launched into Waitrose, an exciting but daunting task for a start-up in dealing with the retailer’s 45 day payment terms.

GapCap’s Solution

GapCap was able to support Arctic Power’s launch in unlocking the cash tied up in the invoices upon delivery into Waitrose. Rather than having to wait 45 days, Arctic Power were now in control of their working capital with the option of drawing down early on their orders from Waitrose and their other major distributers. With the cashflow headache taken care of, Anna and Eve are free to focus on growing the company without the stress and burden of long payment terms!

GapCap were friendly, hands-on and easy to communicate with throughout our whole experience.

Anna Ojutkangas, Co-Founder

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