Along with every other non-key worker in the UK, our team at GapCap have been discovering new tricks of the Work from Home (WFO) trade. It comes as no surprise that most of us will struggle to maintain the same efficiency that we would have in the office and so our team wanted to provide a few tips that we have picked up along the way.


Top Tip #1 Make a routine.

Our Regional Director Tom Seymour suggested this top tip to give your day structure and help plan your week. Tom is based in our Bristol office and has been finding routines in the small things;

“I tend to wake up, have a quick shower and get myself out of the house. I’ll either go for a walk or get the shopping but I find it really helps clear my head before a busy day of work”.

Top Tip #2 Exercise.

Julian Hornby, our Head of BD & Marketing, said that the key to his productivity is exercise;

“It’s so important to keep exercising, even if that means doing a few jumping jacks in your back garden. Take a leaf out of Tom Moore’s book, the 99-year old war veteran that looped 100 laps of his garden. If he can do it, so can we.”

Top Tip #3 Create a workspace.

Charlotte James is one of our Funding Coordinators and has been working from her home in Walton. Charlotte says that her motivation has increased hugely after creating an actual ‘workspace’ in her living room;

“Even if this means reshuffling some chairs to create a ‘work corner’. As they say, a tidy room is a tidy mind!”

Top Tip #4 Take regular breaks.

Our Head of Risk & Relationship, Arabella (Bella) Marsden, had a refreshing top tip, reminding us of the importance of taking regular breaks. It can be easy to fall into the trap of pushing through to get things done;

“Make sure to take breaks every now and again, even if this is simply to make a coffee or go for a quick walk. I find it very easy to slip into a ‘get it done’ attitude but over time this can build up and it won’t only tamper with work, but more importantly mental health.”

Top Tip #5 Set yourself daily to-do lists.

Our BD Manager Peter Thomas gives us our 5th and final top tip for WFH. Peter has a constant high-volume feed of calls and emails to get through each week, so he stressed the importance of creating daily to-do lists to manage and increase productivity;

“I find it helpful to jot everything down and work through the list after prioritising them all. I can meet my deadlines and keep on track of the smaller things this way which means nothing builds up drastically. It’s also really great for me to keep a healthy and structured mindset.”


Keeping on top of your projects throughout the week can be a powerful thing for a clear and positive mind. As difficult times as these are, the most important thing is to stay positive. This situation is one that we have never experienced on this scale. As a collective, we remain optimistic both inside and outside of work.