With over £300m worth of invoices having traded on our platform, we thought it was time for a rebrand and new look website. We partnered with the Adeo Group to make this happen and are pleased to present our new website. More importantly, we have expanded our product range and are proud to present our repertoire of working capital products, aimed to support every stage of the UK SMEs working capital journey. As ever, our 4 USPs are at the heart of our 3 products.

Our Products

Selective Invoice Finance

Our staple and most flexible product which allows clients to release cash tied up in their outstanding invoices, on a flexible, no contract basis. This product is most suitable for clients with short term or seasonal cashflow needs or large one off invoices. Criteria:

  • UK Ltd company with 6+ month trading history
  • Advances against selected debtors: 0-5
  • B2B invoice > £10k raised in arrears

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Flexible Invoice Discounting

Flexible invoice discounting allows us to release funds against our client’s entire sales ledger or a chosen pool of debtors, smoothing their working capital over a long term basis. Keeping with our USPs, there remains no contractual tie-in and our smart platform removes the administrative burden associated with traditional facilities. Criteria:

  • UK Limited company with 3+ years trading history
  • Advances against multiple debtors: 5+
  • Minimum Turnover: £500k+

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Supplier Finance

With supplier finance, everybody wins. We provide our client’s suppliers with the opportunity to early payment against their invoices, whilst our client can enhance their working capital by extending their payment terms. The facility can be turned on and off at the supplier or client’s discretion with the cost of funding being incurred by either party. Suitable for:

  • UK Ltd company with 2+ years trading history
  • Minimum Turnover £1m
  • £100k minimum facility size

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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if would like to chat through any of our products with one of our funding advisors. Here’s to a great 2019.