What is your role at GapCap?

I am a Business Development Manager which mainly involves interacting with various businesses who are interested in what GapCap has to offer. My role is to assist the growing companies with advice on how to improve their cashflow and offer them our invoice finance products as an easy and flexible solution.

What were you doing before GapCap?

I am from New Zealand originally and I’ve only recently made the leap to London. Back home I was working for a digital bank where my colleagues used to call me ‘Beagle the Eagle’!


What was it about GapCap that drew you to join?

At the heart of GapCap is a young, fun and dynamic team that challenge traditional lenders in the industry. I was drawn to the speed of which GapCap functions as well as the innovation behind each product. I have always had a big interest in the role of technology in today’s world, so it’s great to finally be at the forefront of it all with GapCap!


What do the next few years hold for you and GapCap?

In these next years, my knowledge of the trade finance world will continue to grow with the help of a great team. I aim to expand my sales skill set alongside a like-minded crew, working towards developing GapCap and contributing to the growth of many different companies along the way!


Describe GapCap in 3 words?

Digital, Dynamic and Disruptive.


What do you enjoy outside of work?

I have loads of different interests that involve being a bit social and active about things. I’ve only moved here recently so I’ll most likely be out and about exploring the sites. I would say football and golf are my sports of choice – probably part of the reason I moved to England!