The metal manufacturing industry is facing a struggle with growing pressures and increasing margin squeezes. Many companies are beginning to look for solutions for funding metal companies and wondering what the best finance solution for metal manufacturers is.

With many traders finding themselves waiting for payments because of lengthy shipping and import times, it can leave them at a loss until invoices are paid. This is where invoice discounting can help. Growing metal manufacturers can benefit from flexible invoice discounting, and here at GapCap we are experts in the subject;

What Is Flexible Invoice Discounting?

When growing metal manufacturers are facing cash flow issues, they might be looking for an effective finance solution. There are many ways that cash flow can be improved within a business, including improving profit margins, increasing income and reducing debt repayments. There are also options for funding metal companies such as flexible invoice discounting, which can release funds tied up in outstanding invoices.

Flexible invoice discounting allows businesses to release funds against the entire sales ledger, removing the need to wait for payment from clients and customers. Working capital can be easily smoothed, and businesses often have the choice of using their entire sales ledger or just a handful of chosen debtors. This can be an effective solution if there are selected debtors that are notorious for late payments. Flexible invoice discounting is ideal for obtaining these owed funds quickly.

How Can Flexible Invoice Discounting Help Metal Manufacturers?

When it comes to growing metal manufacturers, they are often working with extended payment terms which result in cash flow issues. If a manufacturing business has to wait on receiving payments, it can grind everything to a halt and impact future business and growth prospects. Many metal businesses find themselves in a position where they cannot take on new customers because they lack the cash to purchase new materials.

With flexible invoice discounting, cash flow problems can be eliminated and payments for invoices can be obtained immediately. Funding metal companies couldn’t be easier than with flexible invoice discounting and it is quickly becoming the best finance solution for metal manufacturers. The freedom that comes with eliminating lengthy outstanding payments can help metal manufacturers to invest in themselves, take on new customers and grow at pace.

Flexible Invoice Discounting at GapCap

Here at GapCap, we pride ourselves on making cashflow easy for all businesses. We understand that the metal industry often struggles with lengthy payment terms which leads to problems with cashflow and capital.

Our flexible invoice discounting options are fast and straightforward, so businesses can get on with what really matters. The entire sales ledger can be added to the scheme and as soon as an invoice is uploaded the funds can be drawn down from available balance. We offer a flexible and robust facility for working capital, that can help metal companies of all sizes to grow and prosper.

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