How can early stage business growth continue with less worry about cashflow issues?

James and Jade Dawson, founders of T Plus Drinks, worked for over two years to win their first major retailer listing. Delighted to break-through, they now needed to find a way to manage this growth and their businesses  success.

T Plus Drinks, an innovative new tea brand, found this to be exactly the case for them after winning a 729 store listing with Holland & Barrett.  Since launching, T Plus have witnessed extraordinary growth and in February this year they launched into 729 Holland & Barrett stores nationwide!

How can you manage this huge growth?

The Grocery Accelerator introduced T plus to GapCap, a new breed of cashflow financier specialising in the food & drink industry, in order to help smooth their cashflow in the coming months. GapCap provide a flexible solution allowing businesses to release the cash tied up in outstanding invoices on a simple, pay as you go basis. Unlike traditional invoice finance, there is no contract, no hidden fees and their fastest turnaround is 26 minutes. GapCap have assisted T Plus in financing their Holland & Barrett invoices, allowing them to continue their rapid growth.

GapCap & The Grocery Accelerator

GapCap have recently supported a number of our invested brands with their cash-flow finance, becoming a supplier with businesses we work with – is credit to GapCap’s competitive terms and new thinking in the area of invoice financing. As with any great service we experience, we will share this news with the community of businesses we meet.” Rob Ward, Co Founder Grocery Accelerator

The Grocery Accelerator & GapCap’s recent partnership will provide successful applicants of The Grocery Accelerator programme access to free financial advice and backing.

“Grocery Accelerator are providing a fantastic platform for aspiring brands to learn and grow. We have already supported two clients and hope to be able to offer a helping hand to many more.” Julian Hornby, Funding Manager at GapCap