From trendy cafes to family friendly pizza restaurants, the gluten free revolution has captured the hearts, and ‘wellness’ radars of Brits across the country. There’s a dash of controversy surrounding the concept of gluten free food, but for the most part it’s considered a healthier option. Even those who aren’t gluten intolerant often choose to avoid the mixture of proteins found in wheat and its related grains.

Food and factoring: What’s the relationship?
So what’s the relationship between the gluten free food revolution, and the alternative finance market? Basically, we’re highlighting the fact that Brits are continually on the search for healthier options. And we’re not just talking about physical wellness.
From a financial perspective, British small business owners are constantly looking at new ways to nourish their cash flows. And when it comes to supercharging the health of small business accounts, alternative finance is a superfood.
Think of it this way… Banks offer rigid loans and overdrafts, aka crusty loaves of white bread. They may seem delicious, but the reality is that they can actually harm your business, or give you a stomach ache. Terms are inflexible and interest rates are sky high, which can often send small businesses plunging into negative cash flow finance territory.
In comparison, alternative finance solutions like factoring aren’t as well-known, but they’re often a lot healthier. These are the gluten free options, which are just as delicious but don’t come with unwanted digestion issues, fatigue and other key symptoms of gluten intolerance. Like the gluten free revolution, the alt-fi insurgency is quickly gaining momentum, with NESTA reporting that the British market hit a record £3.2 billion in 2015.
So what makes selective invoice factoring a tasty and healthy choice for SMEs wanting to supercharge their cash flow finance strategy? Here’s a handful of reasons why working with selective invoice financing providers like GapCap will have your cash flow glowing with health.

  • Fast funding

We get that small businesses often need cash fast. That’s why instead of making you jump through endless hoops, we hook you up with the cash you need in record time. Simply submit your invoice, and we’ll issue you with an advance worth up to 85% in a matter of days.

  • Flexible terms

Change is an inherent part of small business growth. That’s why we shun the idea of locking our SME clients into rigid contracts that they quickly outgrow. Instead, we offer you total control over what invoices you’d like to factor, and when.

  • Transparent service

Forget hidden fees and unexpected charges. At GapCap, we’re all about transparency. What you’re quoted is what you get, and we’ll never surprise you with nasty costs at the last minute. Simply pay a one off membership fee, plus a small fee on each invoice we factor.
So, for small businesses wanting to boost their cash flow health, selective invoice finance is just what the nutritionist ordered.
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