In a fast-paced business world, forecasting your finances becomes essential. When different teams within the business are spending company money, it can be hard to keep track of finances as well ensure cash flow remains strong. Instead of chasing receipts from team members and spending hours figuring out a forecast for the future of your business, you can save time with innovative technological solutions such as Soldo.

What Is Soldo?

Soldo is an innovative finance solution that provides company cards for your team members as well as an app so they can record essential information such as the receipt or invoice in real-time. As an app-based paperless system, your finance team no longer has to chase for invoices or spend time unfurling screwed-up barely legible receipts to balance the books. Instead, the app records receipts securely for minimum fuss and maximum ease.
For the business owner, they can track and control the spending of each team member. Those in charge can set specific spending limits per team member, including the maximum amount per transaction and the total amount spent per day.
As well as giving you complete control to manage your cash flow, Soldo also integrates with many accounting software products, so you can enjoy a range of reports to manage forecasting and working capital management in just a couple of clicks, streamlining the process considerably.

Eliminate Expense Forms

Filling in expense forms and tracking down invoices and receipts is a time-consuming job for your employees. This is time that could be better spent on value-adding, revenue-generating activities for your business. Similarly, the accounts department needs to be as efficient as possible to reduce errors and complete more tasks.
With Soldo, you eliminate expense forms completely. Instead, the multi-user platform enables everyone to submit, process and control expenses all in a couple of clicks.


With just a couple of cardholders, the process can be slow for purchasing much-needed supplies for work. Through Soldo, your employees have the power to use their plastic or virtual Soldo Mastercards to make business purchases with ease and simplicity. You can trust your team as each expense is tracked and visible on the multi-user platform.

Real-Time Cash Flow Management

With Soldo, you can manage your business spending in real-time and actappropriately. If spending is too high, you can lower the limits. You can also check spending against budgets and forecasting by having visibility and account information for teams, employees and cost centres, so you can see where savings can be made.

GapCap And Soldo

GapCap has teamed up with Soldo to enable you to manage your company spending habits and streamline expenses processing through their innovative app and platform. Save time and administrative hassle by enjoying app-based expense submission rather than chasing receipts and expense forms.
See how Soldo can benefit your employees and finance department with its simple, no-fuss system. Start setting spending limits for your employees for greater peace of mind while enjoying a real-time overview and insight into your finances.
Start today and sign up here to begin your free one-month trial.