At GapCap, we are happy to assist businesses directly with our extensive financial solutions as well as being a partner of choice for financial firms across the UK. Recently, our Regional Director, Sam Griffiths, was on hand to support West Midlands-based firm, Source Business Finance

The partner

Source Business Finance offers a fantastic service to business owners. They prioritise the fact that business owners should have real choice when selecting the right finance solution to fit their needs. Source Business Finance focuses on offering a combination of solutions as well as searching for niche funders who meet the needs of their clients, especially when the High Street provides such limited choice. 

The case

When a client in the domiciliary care sector came to Paul Atkins, the director of Source Business Finance, Paul Atkins reached out to GapCap for their solutions. The challenge for their client came as a 100% exposure to one debtor. Furthermore, their funder served a notice that the client no longer fitted their credit profile. 

The solution

Fortunately, GapCap were delighted to support this business with a Selective Invoice Finance facility, while also forming a new partnership with Source Business Finance. After discussing the options, GapCap quickly provided favourable and flexible terms to their solution as well as delivering a fully insured credit limit. 

“We were delighted to create and deliver a suitable solution in just a few short days, giving peace of mind to the client and to Source Business Finance. Consequently, our fair and flexible solution and speedy turnaround made sure we had both a very happy client and partner!” – Sam Griffiths 

In just a few days, all paperwork was quickly and seamlessly completed, and the client was able to enjoy their new financial facility straight away. We hope to ensure a long and happy relationship with our new client and continue to support Source Business Finance and their clients in the future.