Flexible Invoice Discounting

Release funds against your entire sales ledger, or a chosen pool of your debtors, smoothing your working capital.

Why GapCap?


Our underwriting process takes no longer than 48 hours. Once set up, we release same day funding from your drawdown request.


Include as many of your debtors as you choose within our facility with the ability to add and remove on an ongoing basis.

Concentration specialist

We credit insure our clients’ debtors therefore are not concerned by high sales ledger concentrations.

Smart technology

Our easy to use platform removes the heavy admin burden found in traditional facilities.

How Does it Work?


“GapCap has proven to be an invaluable resource to help manage cash flow and long payment terms – flexible, efficient and transparent, they’re highly recommended”

Will Brightman, Co-Founder

Is this the right solution for you?

You are seeking a robust working capital facility for 12+ months.

You are looking to finance 5+ B2B debtors or your entire sales ledger.

 You are a UK Limited company with 2+ years trading history.

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