adam HTT

We working in partnership with adam HTT to enable early payments to their service providers; enhancing supplier relations whilst de-risking the supply chain.

What do adam HTT do?

adam HTT provide managed digital services to help facilitate the delivery of Good Government. The ethos of adam HTT is centred around the individual and their needs, with their digital end-to-end platform designed to increase efficiency, providing the best possible solutions for those in healthcare, social care and transport. The platform offers services in accordance with the technology for the NHS, with the intent of producing better outcomes for individuals across the Public Sector.

Our Partnership

GapCap have partnered with adam HTT to provide straightforward and easy to access funding to their supply chain. Our Supplier Finance programme gives suppliers the ability to seamlessly draw on their self-bill invoices within 24hrs of being raised. The partnership allows a cashflow benefit to adam HTT’s supply chain, without the need for the supplier to be tied into a long term contract, provide personal/business security or go through the usual credit checks.

The key to building a strong supply chain is having access to good quality and straightforward financing.

Paul Martin, Finance Director

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