The Business
Raynet Recruitment & Accounting have evolved over the past ten years to provide services in multiple different sectors. Initially operating as a bookkeeping and accountancy service, Raynet grew at a rapid rate and expanded into recruitment. Following this success, Raynet further broadened their services and now operate as an established Home Care provider. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s coming up next for Raynet!

The Challenge
Following their speedy growth into recruitment, Raynet were faced with combatting invoice payment terms of up to 45 days.
To meet these demands, Raynet were looking for a flexible solution that would enable them to pay their staff on a weekly basis rather than waiting the 40 plus days for their customer to settle the invoices.

‘Excellent customer service….simply can’t say more!’ – Annette Akuaku, Raynet Recruitment & Accounting

The Solution 
Raynet had experienced the contractual tie-ins of the traditional factoring route and they realised they wanted a more flexible option that would go hand-in-hand with their exponential growth.

‘Straightforward, flexible and transparent Invoice Finance.’ – Annette Akuaku

GapCap has facilitated the growth of Raynet Recruitment as well as assisting them during peak times of the year when they are asked to provide higher staff numbers.