Who is he?

Meet Joseph O’Hara, the current Funding Intern, and has joined the team for two weeks starting last week. Joseph has just finished his second year studying Law at St Mary’s University and has come to us on a Santander sponsored internship. Joseph has come to us with an optimistic approach which, with the help of Claudia Rosen and Julian Hornby, has enabled him to see how the company works and start helping the financial team with day to day tasks.


What’s his first impressions? 

When I arrived at the Gapcap office on my first day I was nervous… for about 5 seconds. From the moment I walked through the door I felt at home. All the staff stopped what they were doing and I was taken round and I was introduced to them one by one. Each one of them were welcoming and friendly and this helped me to fit in as quickly as I did. I was immediately incorporated into the team being included in team meetings, emails and in group discussions. I haven’t been treated as merely just an intern, but a member of the team. My overall first impression is that Gapcap is a great company to work for, with enthusiastic and hardworking staff members and as my internship has gone on that opinion has only strengthened.


What are you looking to gain from the experience?

I came into this internship with the outlook to expand my skill set and increase my knowledge in areas I am not familiar with. As I am currently studying a Law degree, invoice financing isn’t an area I have had an opportunity to discover yet. So, I came to Gapcap with an open mind and with the aim of seizing every opportunity I get and they have not disappointed. I have had the chance to work with huge amounts of data being involved with creating databases for potential clients, been part of helping Gapcap to improve as a business by being part of the process in creating an FAQ page, had the chance to improve my Microsoft excel, word, PowerPoint and office skills and enabled me to develop my team working skills as I have had the opportunity to work with the marketing team. It has also allowed me to develop my research skills using tools I never knew existed to find out the relevant information needed.


 Favourite moment, thus far?

So far, the best thing for me has been the process of creating the FAQ page. I have created a list of approved questions which myself and Julian have worked on to help solve queries potential clients may have. I also created a useful bibliography that should help people to understand financial jargon that, like me when I started, they may not understand. This has been the best part for me as I have helped Gapcap to improve as a business in being more user friendly and more helpful which in the long run will help the business to grow. This has allowed me to be part of Gapcap history and that is something I am proud of. As I write this I am only on my 4th day of a two-week internship so all the above has been squeezed into 3 days! I’m sure if my first 3 days have been jam packed full of opportunities and experiences, then the rest of my internship will be to and I can’t wait to take on the new challenges that Gapcap have for me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gapcap for allowing me to do my internship with them and thank the team for being so inviting and making me feel like one of them. They have allowed me to gain an insight into working in the real word full time and exposed me to an area I have never come across before. Thanks to Gapcap, I will leave them a more rounded individual with an enhanced skill set, that is extremely grateful for the opportunity Gapcap has presented me.