Cash matters to a growing business

To stay ahead of the game, you need the best cashflow finance solution

With lots of different options out there, like bank loans, factoring and peer-to-peer schemes, the right choice is not always obvious – until now.

GapCap’s selective invoice finance allows smart businesses to raise cash against their invoices in 24 hours without any of the drawbacks of a traditional invoice facility.

Why wait for those long payment terms? Release your working capital now for strong cashflow and that all important peace of mind.

Why selective invoice finance?

Flexible invoice finance

Use our invoice finance once, twice or every week. Pick and choose when and which invoice(s) you want financed.

Predictable cashflow

We provide SMEs with predictable cashflow at a predictable price. There are no hidden fees – no monthly fees, no termination fees and no management fees.

Fast finance

Unlike the peer-to-peer auction model, there is no time lag between the moment you decide you want financing and when you receive your advance. We release your cashflow within 24 hours.

Personal touch

We believe it is important not to lose the personal touch in today’s online automated world, so each client has a dedicated account manager who is only ever a phone call away.

Smart technology - smart funding

Our intelligent online platform allows for a seamless application process and lets you keep track of your applications and funded invoices.

Manage your cashflow with selective invoice finance

Upload Invoice

Upload the details of the invoice you require financing for as well as information on the customer.

Our team will review this information, validate the invoice, and decide to fund within 24 hours.

Upfront Advance

Once the invoice is validated, GapCap will immediately advance you up to 85% of the invoice’s value.

The cash will be in your account within minutes of validation.

Full Payment

As soon as your customer pays us the invoice, we will forward you the remaining 15% of the invoice, minus our small fee.

Cashflow finance for growing business

Understand the options for addressing your cashflow challenges before your success starts to hurt. Make informed decisions with our free eBook.